Stinger Flashlight

Looking for a great flashlight? Look no further than a Stinger Flashlight!

Are you in the market for a durable, high-quality, precision-made flashlight?  If so, then the Stinger flashlight is most likely the flashlight for you.  Fulfilling all of those qualities and more, it is one of the most desirable flashlights on the market today.  Great quality, high value, and rock-solid reliability are what make up the Stinger.

Intended Use

Many people tend to typecast Stinger flashlights as a law enforcement light only, but nothing else could be farther from the truth.  The Stinger light is a great match for any need that requires a durable flashlight.  Many other popular uses for the Stinger Flashlight is in the auto mechanic industry, as well as rescue personnel such as firemen and EMT’s.  They are also great for hunters, fishermen, and camping enthusiasts.  Any situation that calls for a purpose-build flashlight can be satisfied by the Stinger.

With several models of Stinger Flashlights to choose from, you will have to consider your needs carefully when selecting the one that is right for you.


For hunting, fishing, and general outdoors use, there is a great Stinger Flashlight set that would be perfect for you.  They include an assortment of different Stinger models, and are bundled with the woodsman in mind.  Strategic use of LED bulbs dramatically increases the Stingers ability to resist shock, and makes them significantly more durable than a standard incandescent bulb.  Specific attention was also paid to burn time when putting together this kit, as well as size, ensuring that each light is small enough to be easily portable, and will burn long enough on a fresh charge to not leave its user stranded.

Law Enforcement

For law enforcement, military, and rescue worker fields, a Stinger Flashlight makes a great sidekick because of its durability.  Flashlights can easily and quickly take a serious beating in these fields, and a flashlight that is broken is just as bad as no flashlight at all.

Stinger Flashlights feature adjustable beams, and many also feature variable lighting modes.  Adjustable beams are great for law enforcement, allowing the user to focus the beam tightly on one specific subject, or spread it out to get a broad picture of the surroundings.  Variable lighting modes can be useful if you need to switch to a power-conserving mode, or use a strobe mode to disorient would-be attackers.


In industrial settings and mechanical shops, Stinger flashlights can offer a huge advantage over other models.  They are much more durable than other lights on the market (even in the same price range), and in such settings, durability is a must.  A single dropped flashlight can result in a cracked lens or broken bulb, which can lead to work delays and wasted time.  A Stinger Flashlight will hold up to this kind of beating and keep on working, time and time again.

Many Stinger Flashlights are also compact enough to be convenient in this sort of setting, but also produce a very bright and substantial light.  This is helpful because the flashlight is not cumbersome or in the way, but really “shines” when needed.

Regardless of your industry, intended use, and needs, a Stinger Flashlight would definitely be a beneficial purchase for you.  If you are still not convinced, check out some of the reviews we have here, or even check on some other sites, such as, and read some of the objective customer reviews posted there.