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About Us - StingerFlashlight.org

Welcome to our website, StingerFlashlight.org!  We here at Stinger Flashlight are committed to doing our best to help our readers in making only the best decision when considering a new flashlight, and also providing the best information possible to owners of Stinger Flashlights looking for descriptions or other help.

We value our readers, and strive to only provide the most useful info for them.  All of our reviews and data are based on our own objective, unbiased opinion.  We are not in any way affiliated with the Stinger brand, and are simply writers that are interested in spreading the word about these great products.  We have been satisfied with Stinger Flashlights, and want to make others aware for their own benefit.

If you would like to contact us for anything, we are available and will do our best to get to your messages in a timely manner.  Feel free to contact us regarding questions, ideas for reviews or articles, or criticisms.  You can find our contact information over on our Contact Us page.